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The mounting plate has bolt patterns for both jerico and muncie. The mounting plate is 100% billet aluminum.

BRI-196-1 Bracket... $35.50 .....

This 2-speed, all billet aluminum shifter is superior to all others because it bolts directly to the tranny, rahter than thin sheet metal tunnels. This shifter is also made with bearings rather than just metal to metal, which reduces friction, making it easier to shift and a lot smoother

BRI-196 2- Speed Shifter... $109.00 .....

This Brunnhoelzl Racing's premium 3-speed shifter. This shifter is also a billet aluminum piece, being that every piece is machined out of one solid piece of a aluminum. This shifter offers a three forward gear operation with the use also of reverse gear. This shifter includes an ultra-light shifter ball, and the ultra-light handle is available in different lengths, depending on application.

BRI-196-3 3-Speed Shifter.................$450.00

This is Brunnhoelzl Racing's absolute top-of-the-line shifter. This is a 4-speed design shifter that is 100% aluminum for ultra-light performance, then it is all hard coated which enhances the strength of the shifter. This shifter is 60% lighter than the competing shifters. It has a spring loaded reverse gear to prevent accidetal mis-shifting when going into reverse. Another advantage of Brunnhoelzl's newest line of shifters is that being aluminum is not only for its lightness, but also aluminum will disperse head much better than the conventional steel shifters on the market now.

BRI-496-4 4-Speed Shifter.................$495.00